‘Thanks for bringing your book to my attention. I’ve read it and
hope I learned from it. I will be sharing with colleagues. I’m sorry I
was not sufficiently aware in the past of the issues you’ve raised and
encountered. Congratulations on your book. Gregory Conners, MD, MPH,
MBA, FAAP, FACEP; Professor and Chair of Pediatrics; Executive Director,
Upstate Children's Hospital

‘You express yourself well with memories and reflections. …..
Overall, I believe what you have written will be of interest to
others.’ Robert C. Dickerson, MD

‘Do you think this has happened to others?’ Daniel deLahunta, MD

‘But, yikes.  "The event" must have been so frustrating... To have
them interpret an attempt at process improvement as an attack....ugh.’
M.H., RN

‘I was surprised that anyone would actually call you a
“problem”.’ Bonnie Yannie, RN

‘At a time when 50% of med school enrollees are women, it is shocking
that women are still facing gender bias in the medical profession.’
Jane Mahoney, Entrepreneur and Business Owner