Anyone is capable of murder...
It started with a seemingly innocent goodnight kiss... 
Innocent, until one person's desire ignited a firestorm 
of passions leading to a disastrous chain of events for 
three families. How far do they go to hide their darkest 
secrets from their loved ones? Intertwined in their lives, 
a prostitute is murdered, and the police think they have 
their man. But do they? Will the evidence reveal the real 
killer? Or will the killer remain at large to kill again?  
Love, lust, jealousy, hatred, revenge, and greed. All part 
of everyday life. And all motives for murder.  If you 
enjoy reading crime noir stories, this is a fast-paced 
murder mystery you wont want to put down until the very end.

Cover art by Ken Wheaton@2019 
Dangerous Passion cover artist
Ken Wheaton has worked on 
comics for Bongo, IDW, DC, 
Image, Moonstone, and Airwave. 
Most notably, hes inked stories 
in Simpson Comics. 
He also drew several stories 
for IDWs Popeye series. 

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