Dr. Elizabeth A. Edwardsen

Dr. Elizabeth A. Edwardsen (formerly deLahunta, maiden name Dickerson) graduated from Colgate University Summa Cum Laude and
Phi Beta Kappa with a major in mathematics in 1982. She completed her medical degree in 1986 at the University of Rochester 
(AOA 2004) and a residency in Internal Medicine in 1989.

She has published several chapters and numerous articles on partner violence, patient and physician communication, empathy and sexual assault.  
Journals with author publications include The Journal of the American Medical Association, Preventive Medicine, The Journal of Interpersonal 
Violence and The Archives of Internal Medicine.

She initiated the medical school curriculum on Domestic Violence at the University of Rochester in 1994. She encouraged a broader understanding of Emergency Medicine and its interrelatedness with all specialties. Dr. Edwardsen spearheaded numerous clinical initiatives. She was selected for leadership due to her dedication to the mission to provide safe, efficient, quality care to every patient. She retired in 2017 as an Associate Professor of Emergency Medicine. 

She is the author of Elusive Equity, Empathy and Empowerment, 2018. The Action and Conflict Pyramids are generalizable to any social bias. AMWA SPOTLIGHT (2019 July) and the 2019 November issue of Emergency Medicine News highlight the book.

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